Great writing blogs:

I have been gathering links to other wonderful blogs or 
websites for/by writers. I thought it was high time that 
I shared a few of them with you, so here they are:

Self Publishing Coach Shelley Hitz:
Shelley has an awesome website for any writer. Even if you 
aren't seeking to self-publish, she has a wealth of 
knowledge that she offers for free.

Kathy's Blog for Writers:
Kathy Ide is an author, editor, mentor and speaker. Her 
blog offers lots of tips on her blog.

Jody Hedlund author and speaker:
Also share's writing tips, publishing secrets and just lots 
of great stuff for authors.

Author Shelly Goodman Wright:
She has just a fun blog for writers! She offers tips, but 
also has posts that encourage and beg for feedback.

And of course no list could be complete without...
Grammar Girl:
She gives amazing tips and addresses many common writing 

Do you have any blogs or websites that offer help or are 
just plain fun for writers? Please share them with us!

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