Get Your Facebook Page Done!


Hey Author’s!  Have you thought about setting up a Facebook page? If you’re anything like I was about a month ago, you would love to you just lack a clear understanding of how to create a page that thrives. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about “Get Your Facebook Page Done!” It’s a 4 week online class, offered by Self Publishing Coach, Shelley Hitz. With all of the information packed into this course, I took my Facebook page from drab and stagnant to thriving in only 1 month!

When you sign up for this course, you will get access to the pre-recorded webinar’s that Shelley held along with the printed version of each class, “Facebook 101 for authors” a 63 page PDF report, templates that you can use, and “Engage Your Fans” a list of questions that you can post to engage your fans and get comments on your page.

I simply can’t tell you enough good things about this product. I had a Facebook page for several months that sat dormant. I simply didn’t know what to do with it! Now my number of fans is growing daily, and I know what to post, and when to post it. I highly recommend checking out “Get Your Facebook Page Done!” by Shelley Hitz. You won’t regret it!

And be sure to check out my Facebook page as well!


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