ISBN converter

A while back I was trying to set up the GetGlue book widget on my sidebar, and I ran into a snag. It only accepts ISBN-10 numbers, and my book only had an ISBN-13. I did a lot of searching and found out that ISBN-10 is very similar to ISBN-13, it just leaves off the first 3 numbers (978), and the last number is different. Thankfully I found an ISBN converter 🙂 I just typed in my 13 digit ISBN and it told me what the ISBN-10 was. It works both ways, if all you have is the ISBN-10 it can convert it into your ISBN-13. What a GREAT tool! And, I know it works because the ISBN-10 it gave me loaded my book with no issues! If you ever need to convert your ISBN I highly recommend checking out Albion Research Ltd.‘s website.


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