Who, that, which?

Wait, do I use who or that in this sentence? And in the next sentence, is it that or which??? Do you ever get confused with these three little words? You are not alone! Here are some simple rules to help you out:

Generally ‘who’ refers to people or personifications and ‘that’ refers to groups or things. Here are a few examples:
Amazon is an organization that sells books.
Amazon, who loves selling books for great prices, is just one of many places to buy books online.

‘That’ is primarily used in the main part of the sentence. It is used in places where you are referring to something; e.g., Elizabeth was the one that won the prize. ‘Which’ is used in the secondary part of the sentence; e.g., Elizabeth won the prize, which was awarded on Sunday, for the best photograph. Basically, ‘that’ is used when the part of the sentence it’s in can’t be removed. Where as ‘which’ is used in an optional part of the sentence.
*The only exception to this rule is if you open the sentence with ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘those’ or ‘these’, you would then use ‘which’ in the main part of the sentence.


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