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Have you checked out Google + yet? After hearing so much about it, I thought it was worth looking into. What I have found is a fabulous site, with not a whole lot of users.

Google + is extremely easy to use. One of the features that I like the most, is that it ties together your search engine, e-mail, calendar, and so many other things that you do/use online. I don’t have to check my Google + account for notifications, if I am online searching for something, if I have a new notification, it shows up (of course, this could be a bad thing if you are addicted to social media).

On each post or status update, you can choose which list of people you want to view it, and you can also choose to e-mail people who do not use Google +. Whether it’s a link, post, photo or video, choosing who sees your information is as easy as a click of a button. Because of this easy choice, it is easy to use the same account for both personal, and professional purposes.

One of the only real draw backs that I see with Google +, is the lack of people using it. You simply can’t connect with others, if they aren’t there. While I love the option to e-mail non-users, that isn’t an action that I want to do with dozens of people. It’s something that I might do for my parents, or even clients with certain information. I do not think that everyone that I want to connect with online really want’s to get social media e-mails from me.

The other draw back for me, is not being able to import my blog to my page. There is a widget so if you want to put your Google + feed on your WordPress blog, you can do that, but you can’t go the other way. On one hand, you can’t import twitter, or Facebook posts either, so that’s actually a plus. As a non-Twitter user, I do get annoyed with tweets on Facebook. If I wanted to follow your twitter, I would. Blogs on the other hand, I enjoy in my social media updates. It’s nice to have links that are optional to open. If a blog post catches my eye, then I can read it, without having to subscribe to ever single persons blog, and thus sorting through dozens of posts every time I log onto my blog reader. But, that’s just me.

What are your thoughts about Google +? Have you looked into it? If you have, I would love to connect with you! You can find me at Google + here.



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