Guest Blogger: Shawn Lamb

I am hosting guest bloggers on my blog each Friday this month (there is a complete schedule at the bottom of this post), and today I am excited to have Shawn Lamb here. Shawn is a multifaceted, award-winning, Christian author who takes her faith seriously:

A Christian author or an author who is a Christian?

This is a question I was asked in an interview, and personally somewhat surprised considering it was on another Christian forum.  I can’t divorce who I am from my beliefs nor compartmentalize my life. My faith in Jesus touches and effects what I do in every aspect of my life and has ever since age 14. Faith and my beliefs became especially important in my marriage and raising our daughter Briana. It also formed the book I wrote in response to my daughter’s request for a fantasy story.

Briana was an avid reader who devoured books. During her early high school years, Harry Potter was becoming all the rage, but she didn’t like dark stories, rather the old fashion kind by Tolkien or Lewis. However, she felt isolated, being picked on by those who read HP. I wrote for an animated series called BraveStarr, so she asked me to write her a fantasy to give her something to share with her friends.

At first, I only meant to write a single book, however, her friends became fascinated that her mom was writing this big epic story, as she described it. In actually, what did I know of fantasy? Historical fiction is my genre and the one I was pursuing for publication. I prayed about what to do and God led me to search among old papers I kept from childhood to rediscover a story idea I wrote at age 16 – and a fantasy! I still had the map, the first chapter and all the character names. This became the basis for the ALLON series.

The interest turned into visits to the house and her friends asking questions, first about the story than wanting personal advice on life. Nashville has become home to a large immigrant and refugee population. Most of these kids were either refuges themselves or first-born U.S. generation of immigrants. They came from Iraq, Egypt, Laos, Somalia and Kenya thus of different faiths, Buddhist and Muslim primarily. They asked about American behavior or why do Christians believe a certain way. But all were desperately seeking hope. They and their families came to the U.S. searching for it and the promise of a new life, but were having great difficultly assimilating and understanding so hope became elusive.

Naturally, I answered the questions based upon my beliefs yet always with respect and couched in hope.  God used their needs and desire as the catalyst for subsequent books in the ALLON series to address the issues they struggled with. These include sibling rivalry, parental tension, dealing with others who are different and consequences from bad moral choices. But hope is present throughout the series, the living hope. As a result, two girls from Egypt accompanied us to church one Easter.

Jesus taught in parables and stories are a powerful tool for conveying truth and principles. I make no apology for being a Christian or writing from a Christian perspective. My desire is glorify God in all facets of my life, whether in private or public. The number of book sales doesn’t matter to me, rather seeing the light of hope and smile on the face of a child/teen who is touched by what they read.

With ALLON established, I’m returning to historical fiction with  a new line of Christian books for adults. This begins with THE  HUGUENOT SWORD, the story of the faith and lives of French  Protestants under the rule of Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu  and the battle of La Rochelle.

About the Author:

 Shawn and her husband Rob live in Antioch, Tennessee. They  have been married for 25 years, and have a daughter named  Briana. Shawn will be appearing at the National Bible Bee &  Family Discipleship Conference in Nashville, November 17th- 19th, 2011. Or if you would like to find her online, you can check out the following links:

Website: Allon Books

Blog: All-on Writing

Facebook: Shawn Lamb

Amazon: Author Shawn Lamb

Twitter: @slamballonbooks




Guest Blogger Schedule:

Today: Shawn Lamb

November 11th: Dave Fessenden

November 18th: Gail E. Dudley

November 25th: Dennis De Rose




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2 responses to “Guest Blogger: Shawn Lamb

  1. I love Shawn Lamb and I’m enjoying her books! God is using her mightily. Shawn, I love how your desire to help your daughter and her friends brought forth a whole new world, both in fiction writing and for you as a person. God is so like that, isn’t He? In solving one person’s problem He reveals our future.

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