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A few weeks back, I posted about the tools I use for novel-writing. Today I thought I would share about some other great tools for authors. Authors use all kinds of tools for their writing. There are tools for outlining and note taking, various word processors, software to help you be more productive, PDF conversion tools, tools to help you edit, market, record… the list just goes on and on!  Different authors will use different tools in different stages of their writing. For instance an author who is just beginning a book might be interested in the outlining and note taking tools, where as an author who has just published a book would be more interested in the marketing tools.

The number of tools available for authors to use is insanely long, Shelley Hitz has a list of over 200 free tools for authors on her website, Self-Publishing-Coach.Com, but it doesn’t include the free classes that I mentioned a few weeks ago, and I’m sure there are still tons more out there. Still, it’s well worth checking out.

What are some of your favorite author tools? Please list them in the comments so that we can check them out!


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