Where do you write?

Most authors write in a certain spot most of the time. I use to argue this point because I did the majority of my writing on my laptop and I took it everywhere. However, when at home, I did the majority of my writing at the kitchen table. Sure, I wrote other places in the house, but that was my default place.

While I still do the majority of my writing on my laptop, I now have an office at home that I try to do my work in. The reason I made the switch, was because I wanted someplace where I could organize all of the things I use for writing. All of my books, notebooks, computer accessories, just all of it. Also, as a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling mom, and housewife, I needed a place where I could go to let my family know that i was working. They know that when I am in my office I’m working and need to be able to concentrate. Since my kids are still young, I obviously don’t get uninterrupted work time unless they are all in bed, but it has certainly reduced the number of distractions.

When I was putting together my small office, there were a number of things that I put into consideration. Which side of my desk to put my monitor on. It’s hard for me to write if it’s on the right side (don’t ask why). I needed enough desk space to keep my laptop, notes, and other resources (I’m still looking for the perfect shelf to replace the one I currently have). I needed room for reference books, and I had to have all of the right supplies.

Here’s a current photo of my office:

What about you? Do you have an office? What were some key things that you needed to account for or include when setting it up?


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