Guest Blogging Etiquette

During November I have been hosting guest bloggers on Fridays. I have learned quite a few things during this time, and I wanted to share a few things with you.

If you are ever asked to be a guest blogger:

1. Stay on topic – If they ask you to write about something (no matter how broad or narrow the category) stay on topic! Don’t agree if you can’t write about what they are asking. It’s that simple.

2. Know your definitions – If you are asked to be a guest blogger, know what they want from you. A guest blogger writes a post to be posted on someone elses blog. A blog interview is where you answer questions to be posted on someones blog, and a feature is when they blog about you. Know the differences!

3. Mind the details – If they ask for a 500 word post, get as close as possible without being insanely shorter or longer. If they don’t specify, you may want to check if it matters. If they ask for a picture, be sure to send one. If they ask for an author bio, include one. If you want to be invited back, following instructions is key!

4. Be on time – No one likes a no-show! If you commit to getting them a blog, do so. If something does comes up where you wont be able to meet the deadline, be courteous enough to let them know and offer an apology.

If you are hosting guest bloggers:

1. Be specific – Let them know what you want. Topic, length, author bios, photos vs. no photos, language restrictions, anything that you can do to make it easier for there not to be problems later on is great! Then if the guidelines aren’t followed you will have a leg to stand on when you ask for a re-write or decide not to post what they have sent you.

2. Follow up – If your setting up a schedule, give them a deadline and follow-up if it isn’t met. You may even want to send them a reminder a week in advance. After the blog is posted, send them the link incase they want to share it with friends or see how it turned out.

For more great tips on helping you be a successful guest blogger, check out “A Step-by-Step Guide to Guest Blogging” by Shelley Hitz.


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  1. Fabulous! Thanks for this. Just the advice I’d been looking for 🙂

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