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Social media can be an authors best friend, worst enemy, or even a bit of both. There are so many social media sites around today that it’s hard to know which ones are good and how to use them. So, here’s my short list:


I’m still learning, however it is said to be better that Facebook because you don’t have to have mutual relationships. Just because I follow you, doesn’t mean you have to follow me too. I like this for a number of reasons! However, Facebook has that option on their pages, so for us authors with Facebook pages, we already had that… hmmm….

My favorite part about Twitter (well, it’s actually a love/hate thing), is the shortness of tweets. It takes just  a few seconds to skim my entire timeline. You don’t get stuck there for hours (although, you probably could if you clicked every single link listed… but I don’t recommend doing that!).

Oh, and you can find me on Twitter @_HeatherHart


A fellow blogger posted this video earlier this week, and I can’t describe it any better than this:

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The only thing I can possibly add to that is a quote that was posted on Twitter about Google+ :

“Google+ is like the gym of social media. Everyone joins, but nobody actually uses it…”

I wrote a blog a while back about Google+, announcing my love for it. It has great potential, however before it can conquer the world, it has to get people who have their accounts, to actually interact there…

But if you are interested, you can find me on Google+ at: Heather Hart


I’m sure that by now you have figured out that I am a Facebook girl. I love my Facebook, however it does have its downsides. You can get totally and completely lost in Facebook. Spend the entire day there and not really get anything accomplished. Still, I personally think that having a Facebook page is a must for authors. It allows you to connect with your readers, other authors, keep track of news in the publishing world, it’s just great okay!

You can view my author page at:


While there are numerous forums and groups for writers, LinkedIn is one that can’t be left off the social media list. It’s big, what can I say. You can link your LinkedIn with your Facebook, Twitter, and so on and so forth. It really is just a great forum. There are so many groups to choose from, and almost always someone there can answer any question that you have (although there are those that only answer with “you can find the answer to that question in my book”… yeah, that’s not helpful). Anyway, it’s worth checking out if you aren’t there already.

You can link up with me at: Heather Hart

There are still tons of other social media platforms, what are some of the ones that you use?


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