Intentional Blogging

One of my all time favorite blogs on writing is written by Jeff Goins, and I just found out that he is offering a free course on intentional blogging! So, since I was so excited, I decided to chuck the review that I was planning on sharing with you out the window, and tell you about it instead! 😀

A little bit about Jeff Goins:

Jeff is a writer who blogs about writing. He started his blog to catalog the answers he found to the questions he had on becoming a professional writer. I’m not sure how long he has been blogging, but his blog is one of the most helpful tools I have ever found as an author. His blog is so successful, as a matter of fact, that he had a publisher approach HIM about writing a book for them (which he is in the process of doing now).

He is a Pez eating missionary, who is married to the girl of his dreams and they are currently expecting their first child. You can learn more about Jeff on the about page on his website.

About the blogging course:

Intentional Blogging is said to be a 12-week email course that delivers a new lesson on blogging every week, where authors will learn about starting blog, finding topics, building audiences, and a lot more. This is a free course offered by Mr. Goins, and I for one am really looking forward to it! You can learn more and sign up at: Intentional Blogging.




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